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Back Traction at Home Devices Experience a Reduction in Pain

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Back Traction Home Devices

There are countless studies and books written about the dangers of sitting and how it can affect your spine and immune system negatively.  The book, Get Up: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It, by James Levine of the Mayo Clinic details all the reasons why the modern sitting lifestyle is bad for your health and hard on your spine.

Unfortunately, not everyone has an employer who will provide standing desks, orthopedic chair or car seat traction cushion, treadmill desks, or allow shorter work hours to help avoid the problems associated with non-stop sitting.  Most people are stuck with their jobs and the requirements of them.  Therefore, so many people are turning to chiropractors and back traction products that can help relieve the stress on the back.

Back traction at home, typically looks like devices that can fit through an average doorway: balls, slings, tables, inversion machines, and mats.  People who utilize these types of devices experience a reduction in pain, stiffness, and even an improvement in their immune system and weight.

Great product, DETENSOR® is a back traction mat that was designed to be placed on any flat surface.  Our mat offers a maximum traction force of 18% in supine using hard foams that can apply the correct amount/ type of negative pressure to the disks of the back to counteract herniation by opening the space and allowing spine fluids to infuse the disk.  The infusion of spinal fluids is necessary for a healthy back as it oxygenates the region and provides it with appropriate nutrients for good health.

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