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How to Get Rid of Gas Pains Fast: Symptoms, Causes, and Relief & Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Gas Pains Fast

A normal level of Intestinal gas is often great for the health of your immune system and stomach.The swallowed air usually is released through the process of belching. The other possible way through which the gas can be released from your system is through the rectum.

Trapped gas in your intestines brings about a lot of pain and discomfort. Figuring out how to get rid of gas pains can be a real challenge. To make matters worse gas pains often strike at the worst moments possible. We could be on a very important meeting or even on a first date. Gas pains just knows no bounds. Everyone has at least experienced this condition at some point in their lives but few will admit to it as we find it quite embarrassing. Build up of gas pressure in the stomach and intestines causes bloating. Bloating causes abdominal pains which seriously irritates.

From time to time though, more gas is often trapped in your intestines at a level which causes discomfort and can be a source of embarrassment.The pains can be unbearable. The excess gas which often causes pains is characterized by a number of symptoms and is as a result of several issues.

Symptoms of Gas Pains

It is essential to know the symptoms of gas pains as it will aid when deciding what measures to take when experiencing any of them.

  • When you experience sudden distress and discomfort in your stomach it can most mean trapped gas symptoms
  • When there’s need to release often, voluntarily or involuntarily
  • Abdominal area sharp pains
  • Nudging chest pains
  • Lack of appetite can also mean presence of painful stomach gas

What are the Causes of Gas Pains?

Causes of Gas Pains

Bloating is typically caused by the fermentation of digested food producing gas. Insoluble plant fibers, excessive fructose amounts, gluten protein and lactose (milk sugar) are common culprits in gas formation. Gas can be caused by any of the following reason:-

  • Swallowed Air – The excess gas may be as a result of carbonated beverages (beer, soda),drinking/eating too quickly, and gum chewing among many other possible sources. Eating, drinking too fast and chewing gum allows too much air into the digestive tract causing gas. Anxiety and taking carbonated beverages could also be a reason for swallowed gas.
  • Food Intolerance – Certain carbohydrates such as starch, fiber and sugar can fail to be digested. They are then broken down by normal bacteria producing methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen gases that accumulate in the stomach. Overeating or consuming ertain foods may also lead to gas formation.
  • Ingested Food – When the foods ingested are not well digested and absorbed for use by the body. The major foods components which feature here include Fructose, Sorbitol, and Lactose. Fructose is common with some types of fruits and vegetables while Lactose sugar is found in dairy products including milk. Raffinose sugar is common with beans. These sugar components can trigger the release of more gas in the stomach.
  • Constipation
  • Tight Clothing – Wearing tight clothing around the waist
  • Other Causes – Other factors that could cause trapped gas include smoking, stress, improper digestion, gastrointestinal disorders and constipation.

Having seen the causes of excess gas and their effects on your health, the lucky thing with you is that there are a number of tips you can employ to get rid of gas pains.

How to Get Rid of Gas Pain with Remedies

1. Gentle Exercises: Walking remains the easiest option and therefore most preferred method on how to relieve gas pressure. Through the walking process, muscles of the abdomen are relaxed which enables trapped gas to escape. Yoga exercises are also greatly recommended.

2. Reduce Gas Intake: This is indeed the simplest way on how to get rid of trapped gas. Often avoid the causes of extra gas aforementioned above in your stomach.

3. Bowel Movement: If you happen to like postponing visiting a toilet when you get that feeling, you are actually doing more harm to self. Holding the gas may just mean more pains for you. This is a great strategy on how to get rid of gas home remedy.

4. Use of Supplements: A number of organic supplements including peppermint, Caraway, Parsley and spearmint have been supported by various studies to help in reducing gas and swelling of the stomach. It is advised that your doctor should be the one to prescribe the supplements to use as they can have bad side effects.

5. Baking Soda: This is a common household ingredient and therefore suitable when you looking for how to get rid of trapped gas in your stomach.You mix it with water then drink. Baking soda is an anti-acid and therefore serves to neutralize excess hydrochloric acids released in your stomach. Without the input of baking soda, the hydrochloric produced would react to produce excess gas in the form of carbon dioxide.

6. Head over-the-counter for medicine: Two common ingredients available in the drugstore are activated charcoal and simethicone, with the latter considered the best option. Charcoal is available in tablets such as CharcoCaps while simethicone can be found in Gelusil and Mylicon products. These products would help in relieving bad bloating and gas.

Everybody suffers gas pains at one point or another in their life. It can really get uncomfortable and embarrassing. Being a very common problem, the above remedies are a fast approach to gas pains.

In conclusion, having seen various symptoms, causes and remedies to painful stomach gas, it is important to note that are also a number of treatment options available on how to relieve gas pressure including the use of ginger, pumpkin and coconut water. In a case that the symptoms persist you must see a doctor. Some of the serious symptoms indicating possible gas trapped in the stomach may include prolonged abdomen pains, change in stool color and blood in the stool. Your doctor would be in a great position to carry out necessary tests and prescribe for you a treatment regime.

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