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How to Use Acupressure – 3 Points That Could Save Your Life!

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Acupressure has been used for many years now as a way to boost the body’s immunity, relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as releasing endorphin that are used to alleviate pain in the body. It is part of the healing arts and has been found to be quite effective by some. Today the acupressure mat has stepped onto the healing arts scene. This is a mat that comes with bumps or protrusions. When you walk or lay on it, pressure is applied on various parts of your feet or body leading for the release of energy. This then goes a long way into promoting circulation in the body.

An acupressure mat is a great tool if you are looking to relieve yourself of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure as well as conditions such as stress, back pain and even insomnia. There are several pressure points in the body that can be great to know. If someone faints, for example, applying pressure to the top of their head, that part of the head that is a soft spot in babies, can cause them to come awake. You would have to feel around until you locate the dip on the surface of the skull then using your thumb apply pressure to it. This brings the energy in the body up and causes the person to come awake.

How to Use Acupressure

If the condition you are suffering is an excruciating headache then applying pressure to the web connecting your forefinger and your thumb will do the trick. The headache seems to be an indicator of too much pressure up in the body and pressing this particular point will bring it down. This can be used if you are having anxiety or tension headaches too but should not be used by pregnant women as it can lead to the premature birth of their child. You may not be able to use the acupressure mat for a headache but that does not make it irrelevant.  There are various other ways that you can use it.

Stress has been confirmed as a major cause of illness and disease in the body. When the stress hormones of the body are released your immunity is impaired, blood pressure and blood sugar are raised and many people gain weight that they store around the belly. This can lead to diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses. As such, investing in an acupressure mat is a great idea as you can use it to release stress when the pressures of life become too much. By so doing, you will have saved yourself from years of medication and eventually sudden or slow painful death.

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