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Brushing and Combing

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Brushing helps loosen knots and untangle the hair, and the action can loosen dead cells from the scalp and stimulate the circulation of the blood. The action of cleaning from the roots to the suggestions additionally assists smooth the cuticle and makes the hair luster.

Hair should constantly be cleaned when dry, never when wet, when it could quickly be stretched or harmed. If you have long hair that tends to tangle quickly, cleaning is best done before shampooing and cleaning. To remove knots and tangles, start by using s wide-toothed comb, then go on to a brush, starting at the tips of the hair and working your way back towards the roots.

Brushes must be cleansed when a week by extracting the dead hairs and cleaning the base and bristles in warm. soapy water before drying them completely.

Good-quality combs have teeth that are separately cut into the comb, so that there are not sharp edges. Wide-toothed combs are recommended for use on very curly or African Caribbean hair. Finding the right hair brush is very important. The best ones are cushioned, as these give adaptability as they glide with the hair, therefore avoiding tugging. Really inflexible brushes are not optimal, due to the fact that if the brush hits a tangle and will not give, then the hair will tear.

Begin at the tail and brush out from the skin, operating in small parts to the head. You may find it’s much easier to work on one side at a time, with your poodle resting. Relocate on to the legs, head, and tail when you finish the upper body.

Difference between Brushing & Combing Hair

In some cases people wish to know the difference between Brushing & Combing hair as if it gives different meanings. Brushing ways to make use of brush to hair and brushes are bristles which are versatile and have soft ends. Cleaning is specifically helpful for hard or high volume hair. Combing is done with a comb and it has more difficult bristles which straight is done into scalp.

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