Six Pack Abs

How to Get Your Six Pack Abs For Free

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How to Get Your Six Pack Abs For Free

Getting six pack abs is not as easy as it looks.  It takes time and dedication but with the right diet and work out regime you can have the abs you have always dreamed about.  Having abs of steel will help you feel better about yourself and it will give you the extra confidence you need to get into that swimsuit or bikini this summer.  There are also some health benefits to be gained from acquiring your six pack abs.  You will feel better physically and you will have more energy from your workouts.  There are also long term benefits from getting stomach in shape.  You will be able to sit up straighter and walk straighter which will help your back and posture in the long run.

Lets get started with getting the six pack abs you have always dreamed about.  There is several different work out exercises that you will need to do every day.  I have designed a workout routine that will only take you thirty minutes a day.  First we will do crunches.  Pick out a spot that is comfortable for you to lie down on but you can’t do these on your bed.  Lie down, bend your knees as far as they will go and cross your arms over your chest.  Do not place your hands behind your head because it can cause unnecessary stress on your back that can cause problems for you down the road.   Using only your stomach muscles lift your chin towards your knees but make sure that you do not lift your back totally off of the floor.  Repeat this exercise thirty times, take a thirty second break and then do it thirty times again.  Do this six times and it should only take you three to four minutes.

Secondly we are going to do leg lifts.  Lying straight on the floor with your legs together and swing them in an upward motion.  Lower your legs back down very slowly to the ground but do not touch it.  When you legs are almost back to the ground swing them back up swiftly.  You want to do fifty of these and then take a one minute break and repeat this process three times.  This exercise should take you about seven to eight minutes.

Your last exercise is going to be to stretch your muscles out.  It is very important that you do not skip this step.  After you exercise your muscles they are very tense and need to be stretched out.  Here is what you do.  Lay flat on the floor and using your arms push up leaving your legs on the ground.  This entire workout routine should take you about thirty minutes.

You must also must also following some very simple eating and drinking guidelines.  You need to drink plenty of water throughout your day.  The minimum amount of water you should drink is eight glasses but ten to twelve glasses would be ideal.  Try to stay away from carbohydrates and in a few simple weeks you will be enjoying your new abs.

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