Six Pack Abs

How to Get Your Six Pack Abs in No Time

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How to Get Your Six Pack Abs

Have you ever dreamed of looking like a swimsuit model?  Well now you can!  Today we will look at some very simple steps to take to achieve the goal of having six pack abs.  With simple exercise and a simple diet you can reach that goal within several weeks.  You will need to exercise for thirty minutes every day, eat small meals and monitor your carbohydrate intake.

You will need to start out every day with a glass of water and continue drinking water throughout the day.  It is recommended that you drink at least eight glassed of water daily but if you are exercising every day you need to drink ten to twelve full glasses of water.  You will need to eat a small but healthy breakfast and including a cup or two of coffee.  Even if you are not a coffee drinker you might want to add it to your diet while you are trying to get the six pack abs.  Coffee will stimulate your metabolism and help keep your body regular.

You will want to save your exercise routine for the evening time.  Please remember not to eat or drink milk thirty to forty five minutes before you exercise.  I think you get better results when you exercise in the evening instead of the morning due to energy levels.  Start the exercise out by warming up and stretching.  You always want to stretch before you exercise so you don’t pull any muscles.  A pulled muscle can prevent you from working out for day’s even weeks.   After you stretch and warm up you need to do your crunches first.  Lay flat on the ground and bend your knees up as far as they will go.  Cross your arms over your chest and lift upwards.  You never want to do crunches with your arms behind your head.  There are several studies that have proven this method causes severe back pain and even permanent damage.  You want to do three sets of thirty crunches taking a thirty second break in between sets.

The second exercise is leg lifts.  Lay flat on the floor, with your legs together, and swing your legs upward swiftly.  Once you have them all the way up you want to bring them back down slowly not allowing them to ever touch the floor.  Complete four sets of forty taking a thirty second break between each set.  After you complete your exercise you want to stretch out your muscles.  When you exercise you are causing your muscles to contract and they needed to be stretched out to get optimized results.

With all of these things put together you are sure to reach your goal in as little as six weeks. You need to follow the directions step by step in order to get the results you want.  You will see result quickly and you will feel better about yourself.  Your clothing will fit better and your body will thank you.  What are you waiting for?  Start today!

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