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How To Toning the Skin Through Skin Toning Creams and Lotion

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Skin Toning is the second step of the basic daily skin care routine. It is performed after cleaning your face and before moisturizing. The skin toning of skin care you should do twice a day, mornings and evenings. This way your skin will look soft and smooth.

Toning the skin through skin toning creams is the process prepares your skin for better hydration and absorption of nutrients. In addition, improves the appearance of your pores to restore your acid mantle. The pores are small openings on the surface of your skin. Through the pores of hair growth, nutrients are absorbed from the products of skin care and releasing fat and toxins from the body.

Skin Toning Cream

Skin Toning Cream

Many people believe that this step of basic care is not important. In fact the success of hydration process depends on an appropriate skin tone. Tonics should be cleansing or moisturizing depending on skin types. You must avoid the astringent tonic even if your skin is oily because it can cause irritation.

How Do I Apply the Skin Tonic

  • To apply yourself you can use a tonic preferably thin cotton. In the stores you find some known as “knobs” of cotton.
  • The “knobs” are like disks are circular and flattened. These cottons are more appropriate because they absorb too much. Thus the tonic remains on your skin, not cotton.
  • To tone your skin, soak the cotton with a few drops of skin toning lotion and then pass it gently over your face inside out and with a sweeping motion.
  • First in your face outward and sideways. Then in your nose down. Continuing with the cheeks outward and upward. In your chin to the sides. Ends at your neck and chest up.
  • Do not rub your skin excessively, preferably cotton passes tonic once for each area of ​​your skin. This way you avoid getting hurt.

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