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Best Exercises to Lose Weight That You Can Do At Home

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Lose Weight That You Can Do At Home

You don’t have to go to the gym to get a good work out.  In fact, there are many ways to get a good work out without even leaving the comfort of your own home.  You don’t need to spend money on expensive work out machines that probably don’t work and that you will never use.  I will show you some very cheap but effective ways you can break a sweat using things that are around the house and that you already have.  Put your check book and credit cards away and get ready to lose those extra pounds.

For the first exercise you are going to need two bottles of water.  Simply put the water bottles in your hands and push them up over your head each time bending your elbow.  You want to do four sets thirty taking a thirty second break in between each set.

For the second exercise you need to grab two can goods.  It doesn’t matter what it is the can just make sure that they are the same size and they weigh the same amount.  Face your hands palm up and place the cans in your hands.  You are going to curl your arm toward your chest with the can in your hand.  You are going to do four sets of fifty and take a thirty second break between each set.  After you finish these two exercises you are going to do some are circles.  Start by standing with your feet should length apart and hold your arm out level.  You are going to move your arm in a circular motion and complete one hundred circles.

The third exercise we are going to talk about is the laundry exercise.  Of course you will need to some dirty laundry but it will be well worth it.  Gather up all the dirty clothes and put them in your laundry basket.  Take the laundry basket and lift it over your head thirty times.  Only do this exercise thirty times because if you do it more than that it could cause serious back problems.

For the fourth exercise we are going to do the bed squat.  You will need to stand straight up on your bed.  Make sure that you are free and clear of any light fixture or ceiling fan that may be in your way.  Squat all the way down using your leg muscles and pull yourself up thirty times.  Repeat this method four times and take a forty second break in between each set.  To cool down from these exercises take a seat at your kitchen table.  Lift your heels up ten times and take a fifteen second brake.  Do this slow exercise for several minutes.

This routine is simple and affordable.  You can do in your spare time and you never have to leave your home.  Along with a good balanced diet this routine can help you maintain a good healthy lifestyle.  There is no need to go and buy expensive exercise machines.  Use what you have and get in shape.

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