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Daily Activities That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Daily Activities That Will Help You Lose Weight

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or even exercise at home to be healthy and lose weight.  I will show you some very simple ways to be physically fit and not waste any of your valuable time.  The exercises I will show you today do not require any machines or weights.  These are places you already go and it will be fun for the entire family.

Everyone loves to play golf but we have been spoiled with the motorized golf cart.  Next time you play golf try carrying your own golf clubs instead of renting a cart.  Weather you play nine or eighteen holes you are sure to get a good workout when you carry your own clubs.  Try playing this type of golf at least once a week and be sure to remember to drink water.

The next thing we can do for great exercise is playing basketball.  This is a good way to shed the pounds, get a tan and it is something good for the whole family to do.  When you play basketball your body is in constant movement.  Your legs, stomach and arm muscles are all used to play this sport.  We often forget about it but it s a cheap and effective way to get in shape.

Next we are going to do what all women love to do and that is going to the mall.  This is a perfect place to shop and get a good workout.  The facility is air conditioned and there is mall security to ensure your safety.  Your best bet would be to get there around eleven in the morning when the mall opens.  There are not as many people and you can move freely throughout the mall.  You can make three to four laps around the mall in about an hour.  After you walk you can sit in the food court and have a bottle of water and cool off.  After that you are free to move about the mall and reward yourself with a new pair of shoes or a new dress.

For our last activity we are going to visit an amusement park.  This is something that the entire family can do together.  It is fun and you get a great workout doing it.  It will cost you a little money to get into the park but it will be well worth it.  You can walk from your rides to the games and you should be able to get a good mile or two while you are at it.  You will need to wear some sun block to protect your skin from a very serious burn.  You will also need to remember to drink water as often as you can.  If you don’t drink water you can pass out of heat exhaustion.  Also try not to eat a greasy hamburger and a mound of French fries.  This will cancel out all of the hard work you did walking around the park.  Try to eat a nice light lunch like a sandwich or soup.

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