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South Beach Diet: How Does It Work?

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The South Beach diet hit the ground running several years ago.  Millions of people jumped on the band wagon.  Although many of us are not sure how it works we did see people who got great result from it.  The South Beach diet is like any other diet.  You have guidelines to follow and if you do not go by the rules you will not see any affect.  We are going to look at how this diet works and how it fits into your lifestyle.  We will see if it’s affordable and obtainable for the average every day person.

The South Beach diet has three phases.  The first phase will last for two weeks and it helps you control and eliminate your cravings. It consists of a protein packed diet of lean meat, seafood and lots of vegetables. You can also eat nuts, avocadoes and extra virgin olive oil along with your meat.  You can eat as much chicken and goat cheese as you want.  It also promotes snacking on as much vegetables as you can possibly eat.  The idea is to keep your body full of good food in order to keep you away from the bad ones.

In Phase two the diets allow you to eat everything you did in phase one and can add whole-grain bread, whole wheat pasta and fruit.  Once you have adapted to the South Beach diet you start phase three which is basically phase one and two combined together.

There have been many success stories of people losing large amounts of weight, and keeping it off, with the South Beach diet but is it easy to manage.  You will need to purchase the South Beach diet book which will guide you and give you extra tips to stay on track.  The book is about thirty dollars and it does come with extra videos to help you come up with a good exercise routine.  The book will also give you thousands of recipes that you can follow to help you lose the most weight.

You will need to change the way you grocery shop which will cost you a little more money.  Since the diet is geared around strict recipes you will need to follow them precisely.  This may cause you to buy certain food that you normally would not purchase.  Most of the time this food is more costly and it will affect the amount of money you spend at the grocery store.  Furthermore, this diet takes more preparation than most.  You will need to plan your meals out a couple of days in advance and cook these meals accordingly.  There will not be anymore quick lunches at McDonalds or Burger King.  You will need to prepare a lunch from one of the recipes provided and take your lunch to work with you.

As with any other diet you must exercise and remain active throughout the course of the diet.  With the combination of diet and exercise you can lose much weight as you want. You will finally be able to fit in your skinny jeans.

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