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Brief History of Yoga – Timeline, Origins and Development

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Brief History of Yoga

Today the practicing of yoga has become synonymous to exercising and keeping you fit. The fascinating history of yoga tells a different story. Apart from just including exercise to daily regime you have a lot many things to do. In ancient days practicing yoga has helped in the spiritual uplift of a person. In Upanishads, written in the period between 1000 and 1500BC.

The history of yoga can be traced back in the Indus Valley Civilization. It is said that people of the Indus Valley used to practice yoga for their spiritual growth. The yogis said that practicing yoga is like the union with the infinite Bramha and the finite jiva. According to the Hindus Brahma is God. The goal to unite with him is the concept of one’s getting closer to God. To the Indian Yogis, God is a spiritual and impersonal being who has the power to coexist with reality. This concept of considering everything to be God is called Pantheism. Bible has described God as the personal creator of the Universe. The concept of the Yogis saying everything is God considers even man to be God. The religion of Christianity has a markedly different concept from this one. According to them God and Man are two completely different and distinct entity. In Christianity God is considered as the creator by whom man has been created in the image of God.

The concept of Bible is much different from that of the Yogis. According to the Bible, the primary problem of man is sin, failure to reach the level of thinking and a mindset that God possess. Christ welcomes man to get benefited from his salvation through faith in him. Yoga on the other hand finds man’s problem in his ignorance. According to them man does not realize that he is God and that is where the problem lies. Man needs to be enlightened only they will feel their unification with God. According to the yogis, in order to reach the point of unification with God one needs to put in a lot of effort. But Christianity does not see it in that way.

According to the history of yoga the mere technique of doing yoga in its form of exercising can not be separated from the philosophical aspect of yoga, because yoga is a combination of both, a psychosomatic exercising method. Both the aspects of yoga are complementary to each other and that is why those can not be separated.

To experience the effect of yoga in a complete way one has to experience the “Kundalini” effect first. This is the method of getting spiritual lessons from within, by the soul of the person. According to the yogis, if Kundalini iks not performed properly one can injure his/her brain. In fact Kundalini helps the charka centre inside the body to release energy inside one’s body. The history of yoga explains that the practice of Kundalini is note safe spiritually and therefore not easy either. Yoga shows the way to concentrate on ourselves rather than on God. This encourages us to ask life related questions to ourselves rather than to God. History of yoga stresses on the human conscience that can answer those questions.

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