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Yoga in Other Traditions – Buddhism, Tantra

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Yoga in Other Traditions

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that was first developed in India. Later on this spiritual practice penetrated into various traditions. Thus, yoga in other traditions has also gained importance in the recent times. The popularity of yoga in other traditions has also grown because yoga has emerged as the best way of keeping oneself fit and fine.

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Yoga and Buddhism 

Buddhism has been highly influenced by the concept of Yoga. Speaking about yoga in other traditions, Buddhism is mentioned at the onset. Like any other Indian religion, the influence of yoga is clearly visible in Buddhism. The austerities, spiritual exercises and trance states are the aspects of Buddhism where you will find the influence of Yoga.

Tibetan Buddhism 

Yoga is the main aspect of Tibetan Buddhism. The influence of Yoga increases as you enter the various levels of Tibetan Buddhism. People practicing these religions start off with Maha yoga and continue to Anu yoga and end with the practice of ‘Ati yoga’.

In the Sarma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the Anuttara yoga class is very important. Other than these, the various tantra yoga practices include 108 bodily postures, which are practiced with breath and heart rhythm. The timing in movement exercises is known as Trul khor or union of moon and sun, which is very important. You will find the body postures of Tibetan ancient yogis depicted on the walls of the Dalai Lama’s summer temple of Lukhang.

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Yoga and Tantra 

The concept of Tantra is very unique. It is a practice through which the individual perceives reality like maya or illusion and also achieves liberation from it. This concept in related to Hinduism and is also related to various practices of Indian religions like yoga, meditation as well as social renunciation. If a student is pursuing studies on various aspects of Tantra, he or she is instructed to indulge in meditation technique, especially the chakra meditation. This is also related to the Kundalini Yoga.

Ch`an (Zen) Buddhism 

Zen is a version of Mahayana Buddhism. The school of Mahayana Buddhism is noted for its closeness with Yoga. You will also notice that there are certain essential elements of Yoga are important for both Buddhism in general as well as for Zen in particular.

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